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Gibbs Menswear Blog: Pernod Ricard - Aviemore July 2018


“A Spectacular Sight.....”

On Wednesday evening we were very proud to stand back and admire the sight of 500 men kitted out in full Highland Dress and over 400 women wearing tartan sashes in Aviemore all supplied by ourselves. The journey to get to this moment was very long and stressful and after a lot of planning and organisation it was amazing to see all our hard work was worth it in the end, especially since we don't see the people until the day of the event. This corporate event was hosted by Pernod Ricard for a large number of their staff from China to promote some of their whisky brands. Pernod Ricard are one of the worlds leading drinks manufacturers who have the most comprehensive portoflio in the industry. Events like this are key to the area with many other local businesses working on this event also. 

As you will be able to see from the photos below it was a magnificent sight even if some of the men didn't quite read the dressing instructions correctly...